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♥ Item description

Waterproof PU coated Polyester 100%
Size : By the yard ( 150cm Fixed Width x 90cm length) 
Yardage is cut in one continuous piece 
Colour : Select your colour using the option bar

♥ Comparison tips :
'Laminated Waterproof fabric' VS 'PU waterproof fabric' ?

Laminated fabric is moderately thick, heavy, durable
and Repelling moisture and stain 
Good for Upholstery, Covering, Raincoat, Big Bags...

PU waterproof fabric is popular as it is close to
regular fabric but still repelling water
Very light, Thin, and Flexble
Best for making Raincoat, umbrella, clothes, small bags


♥ Discount options

For purchase over AU$50, get 10% DiSCOUNT (Promo code : DC10)

For purchase over AU$90, get 15% DiSCOUNT (Promocode : DC15)

For purchase over AU$150, get 20% DiSCOUNT (Promo code : DC20)

For purchase over AU$200, get 25% DiSCOUNT (Promo code : DC25)

For purchase over AU$300, get 30% DiSCOUNT (Promo code : DC30)

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♥ Delivery information 

We shall try to start the fastest delivery possible within 1~3 days

after payment. Delivery time may vary by destination, customs condition,

and the shipping option.


If you choose a Express delivery, it takes average 2~5 days.

If you choose a Standard shipping, it takes average  (in business days)

United States : 10dys -3wks

Canada : 2~4 wks 

Asia Pacific: 1~2 wks

Oceania : 2~3 wks  

Western Europe : 2~3 wks

Eastern Europe : 2~4wks

Italy : 2~4 wks

Middle East : 3~6 wks

South America : 3~6 wks

Waterproof + UV+ Fabric, Leopard pattern in 3 colours, by Yard (150cm Widt