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This is a personal listing for Etsy customer. 

The total price on this page is shown in Australian dollars

If you place order, you will pay in your currency. No worries. 


Quote for the 20 meters of cotton check pattern fabric :


1. Because 1 yard is 90cm, 20 meters of fabric is equivalent of 22.2 yards of fabric 

22 Yards (= 20meter) x AU $22.9 (original price per yard) = AU $508.3

We offered 30% discount for the total fabric price, so the 30% discounted price is AU $355.8


2. Parcel weight for 20 meters of the fabric is approximately 4-5 kg and it’s shipping fee is AU $169.6. 

This time, we will send your fabric by the premium delivery service for the same price of the standard shipping. 


3. Total price for the fabric and shipping is AU $524


If you have any question about this quote, contact us. 





Personal listing: Stretchy check pattern, Best quality Cotton fabric, by Yard